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( window view, painting )


girls like swarms of lizards, right



finding out someone’s been talking shit about u


the new season of Hannibal looks amazing!


Gothic Punk Combat Boots & Shoes

Rivet Head Combat Boots With Calf Buckles


Hall shot of my Akira cosplay (Bad ending w/Shiki) taken at AFO 2014. Photography by Papanotzzi Eddie.

Regarding the Pure Breed :

Pure Breed are born in the event when, hosts : an Osu and Mesu copulate. The chance that a pure breed is born is heightened when an Osu and Mesu have a high affinity with one another. 

Pure Breed are different from the seeds Mesu births. It has the ability to foster itself inside of humans. Again Mesu distribute “seeds” after copulation, but a Pure Breed’s seed has the potential to be absorbed into the human body without the need of intercourse 

Pure Breed can freely control “planting seeds” and “stamping” as well as hold a high regenerative ability. Their pheromones are stronger than any Osu or Mesu’s, with the ability to captivate even normal humans. 

They can be distinguished by their crimson colored eyes. When the Pure Breed is born, both the parents Osu and Mesu die. 

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Shift so dead
Shift so dead I’m eating bread
It’s so quiet at closing tonight oh wow


things i wanna do w/u:

  • get milkshakes at a cute fifties place
  • splash in the street during a storm
  • take pictures of flowers and cool plants
  • kiss & hug in the ocean
  • play cards by candlelight
  • sew couple cosplays
  • overthrow the government probably